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Ironmongery. A brief history.

Ironmongery is a term that covers a number of metal items for the home or office, such as locks, nails, screws, door furniture. The earliest reference to ‘ironmonger’ recorded in English dates back to 1362 and referred to someone who was involved in the trade of iron goods. A more recent definition of ‘ironmonger’ would be: “someone who is in the trade of selling and repairing iron and steel wares, specifically door handles and door and window furniture”.

The word ‘Ironmonger’ is derived from the words “iron” and “monger”. The word ‘monger’ comes from Middle English and is closely related to words such as market, commerce, or merchant. In other words, an Ironmonger has something to do with the trade of iron.

More recently ironmongery is often used more specifically to refer to door handles and door furniture. Otherwise known as “Door Ironmongery”. In modern times, Ironmongery also refers to all things metal – not just iron. Steel, aluminium and even other materials are common materials used in modern ironmongery!

When someone refers to ironmongery in 2021, they are most likely referring to door handles and door furniture; or door ironmongery.

Door Ironmongery is the term for door handles and door furniture. Door ironmongers are often used to refer to people who sell these items, but the word can also be used more specifically to refer to any individual item of which a person sells. For example, “door handles” or “door furniture”.

Some common examples of door handles are knobs, levers, and push-plates. The most popular type of door handle is the lever, which is a type of small steel bar with an L-shaped end that is attached to a fulcrum or pivot through which you pull to open or close the door.

An infinite pool of Ironmongery possibilities.

Ironmongery is often closely related to interior, and exterior design. Door handles have always been a part of interior design. In fact, they’ve been around as a design accessory for centuries and have taken many forms over the years.

From elaborate doorknobs to simple levers, door handles are an important element in both residential and commercial buildings. Designers use door handles to complement the design of their buildings and to set a specific mood. Ironmongery is often used in combinations with other materials like wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc.

With the huge range of options available, door ironmongery has a product and solution for every need. Whether basic and plain for utility and office spaces or grand and luxurious for the more sophisticated palette, a good Ironmongery supplier will be able to provide the right door ironmongery for the job at hand.

There are literally millions of ironmongery products available across the industry and around the globe.

Enter Prestige Hardware UK Ironmongery Supplier.

Prestige Hardware is a brand new ironmongery brand from “Top Gun Tools & Fixings LTD” in Blackpool & The Fylde Coast.

Top Gun has supplied Ironmongery across the UK for decades along with a huge range of other tools and fixing products. The range of products and experience has grown so great over the years that it made sense to create a brand to encapsulate this particular part of the business as a specialist product. Top Gun Tools & Fixings decided to create Prestige Hardware as a specialist Ironmongery brand to cater to the ever-growing needs of the UK door handle market.

Prestige Hardware operates from a Blackpool showroom and advanced eCommerce website. They only supply the very highest quality products from the best brands. This is combined with the best customer support you will find anywhere.

Prestige Hardware is based in Blackpool on the Fylde Coast. With an eye for innovation, they offer door handles and door furniture with the latest designs and finishes.

This includes knobs, levers, push-plates which are all available in different sizes to suit any need or design requirement. Door hardware can be made from steel, copper, or brass materials depending on what you want your product to look like! If you’re looking for something more specific then Prestige Hardware has many other types of ironmongery and door furniture too.

Ironmongery Made Easy.

With vast experience comes great knowledge. The more you do something, the better you get at doing it. The team at Prestige Hardware has been doing Ironmongery supplies for decades. has been custom built specifically for the products and requirements of Prestige Hardware customers and website visitors. With nearly 20,000 products currently on-site (with more constantly being added) we are certain to have what you need. And if you can’t find the exact products you want – just click the “Get Some Help” button and our team will aid you in what you need.

We have gone to great lengths to work on our advanced website navigation structure and general useability. We have made it easy to find the exact products you need in as simple a manner as possible.

The goal when creating the Prestige Hardware website was to ensure any site visitor can sort, filter, and get to any of our 20,000 products within just 2 or 3 clicks from the home page.

We have achieved that goal with additional options for micro-filters that truly let you get to the exact products that you want. You can filter by product type, price, brand, category or any combination of variables.

(Important note. Even though the Prestige Hardware website has towards 20,000 products this is just a portion of the entire ranges we have at our fingertips – in the unlikely event you cannot find what you are looking for on the Prestige Hardware website, please do call us on 01253 400200 to speak to one of our customer care team – we understand our products and the needs of our customers and will ensure you get what you need).

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